Zodiac Signs In A Haunted House

Zodiac Signs In A Haunted House

Zodiac Signs In A Haunted House  

Aries: “woo-hoo who is excited?”  

Taurus: “This is a bad idea”, still enters. Walks cautiously around the house.  

Gemini: “Guys I am getting bored. Is there any ghost or not”  

Cancer: Starts to scream and then silently cries while Capricorn soothes them  

Leo: “I am going to get in, Hellooo, the mighty Leo is here.”  

Virgo: “Okay fine just shut up. Get in groups and for God sake, BEHAVE.”  

Libra: “I am telling you this is Sagittarius playing a prank. BTW this place is so dirty”.  

Scorpio: Taps everyone on the shoulder and places fake spider on Pisces  

Sagittarius: “This place is so cool. I gotta explore”. Runs alone.  

Capricorn: “Guys we need to stick together,”everyone goes behind Capricorn.  

Aquarius: “Guys I know it’s a haunted house. But the sounds can be from a cat too, where are you kitty?”  

Pisces: Places a hand over their heart. “calm down-calm down-calm down”.


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