Zodiac Signs As Ghosts

Zodiac Signs As Ghost

Zodiac Signs As Ghosts

ARIES: Hides in closets and screams demonically at night

TAURUS: Doesn’t really do much, usually found in inanimate objects

GEMINI: Knocks shit over, scrapes nails against walls, smashes glass

CANCER: Comforts children, protects loved ones, guardian angel

LEO: Terrorizes crowds, has soft spot for children

VIRGO: Rearranges everything, often haunts the same place

LIBRA: Shows up in mirrors, leaves clues on where to find them

SCORPIO: Seeks revenge, haunts people that did them wrong

SAGITTARIUS: Sets shit on fire

CAPRICORN: Summons Lucifer in people’s houses

AQUARIUS: Possesses people

PISCES: Little girl ghost who plays with other kids, can be good or bad

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