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Zodiac Signs Deathbed Confessions

Zodiac Signs Deathbed Confessions

Zodiac Signs Deathbed Confessions

ARIES: “I ignored your text on purpose because it was too long”

TAURUS: “Every time I canceled plans because I was busy, I was actually sitting at home watching anime”

GEMINI: “So I thought it was finally time for my two families to meet”

CANCER: “I don’t actually like your new haircut, I just said it to be nice”

LEO: “I know none of you know this, but I’ve actually had low self-esteem all along”

VIRGO: “You did the dishes once as a favor, but I rewashed all of them because I could still see particles of food”

LIBRA: “I’m in love with every one of you”

SCORPIO: “Check your pockets, you’ll each find a key. Only one opens a chest that contains a map to where my fortune is buried. You’ll have to work together, just remember: one of you is lying.”

SAGITTARIUS: “I’ve actually never left the country, and this accent is fake”

CAPRICORN: “I cheated on a history test in the 5th grade”

AQUARIUS: “Everything I know I learned from Wikipedia”

PISCES: “I accidentally hit a squirrel when I was learning how to drive, and I haven’t ever forgiven myself”

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