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Zodiac Signs Coping With Relationship Problems

Coping With Relationship Problems

Zodiac Signs Coping With Relationship Problems

ARIES – ignores the tension until it inevitably erupts

TAURUS – Gets the ick and breaks things off

GEMINI – Googles their situation and reads every article for advice

CANCER – Deflects the blame by bringing up something their partner did wrong months ago

LEO – Overcompensates for their mistakes with grand gestures

VIRGO – Listens attentively but resentfully

LIBRA – Panics and assumes that the relationship is doomed

SCORPIO – Withholds affection until they get their way

SAGITTARIUS – Created the problem on purpose because things felt too stable

CAPRICORN – Declares it resolved because they don’t have time to argue

AQUARIUS – Throws logic at their partner’s emotions

PISCES – Internalizes how they feel because they don’t want to make it a big deal.

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