Zodiac Signs As Kisses

Zodiac Signs as Kisses

Zodiac Signs As Kisses

Aries: Neck kisses; warm, sexy, and sweet.

Taurus: Nibble kisses; tender, delightful, and desirable.

Gemini: Lizzy kisses; intimate, skilful, and fun.

Cancer: Forehead kisses; comforting, loving, and admirable.

Leo: French kisses; deep, amorous, and sensual.

Virgo: Cheek kisses; soft, daring, and affectionate.

Libra: Single lip kisses; simple, casual, and enjoyable.

Scorpio: Lower lip kisses; intimate, hot, and complete.

Sagittarius: American kisses; deep, exciting, and passionate.

Capricorn: Butterfly kisses; lovely, cute, and special.

Aquarius: Spiderman kisses; iconic, marvelous, and adorable.

Pisces: Underwater kisses; playful, magical, and wet.


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