Zodiac Signs As Cats

zodiac signs as cats

The Signs As Cats

Aries: Cat that rubs its asshole on your eye while you’re asleep

Taurus: Cat that will only eat if you’re not looking at it

Gemini: Outside cat that gets just close enough that you can almost pet it and then runs away

Cancer: Cat that shreds all your favorite books

Leo: The realest cat you’ll ever meet

Virgo: Cat that climbs too high and you have to get it down

Libra: Cat that watches you in the bathroom

Scorpio: Cat you find with your dirty underwear

Sagittarius: Super clingy cat that hisses when you dont pay attention to it every 5 seconds

Capricorn: Cat that pees on the carpet

Aquarius: Cat that you see once and fall in love with and then goes to live with other cats

Pisces: Cat that sleeps in the litter box

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