Zodiac Signs And Their Well-known Truths

Zodiac Signs And Their Well known Truths

Zodiac Signs And Their Well-known Truths

Aries: Super pretty, really smart, but kinda weird.

Taurus: Kind of a bitch but people still like you.

Gemini: Small and cute and you have a nice butt.

Cancer: You’re so fake but you’re in a cute relationship.

Leo: You’re going to be big some day.

Virgo: You probably are really good in bed and everyone is curious.

Libra: They’re all hoping you are gay because damn.

Scorpio: You can kick anyone’s ass in video games but other than that you’re annoying.

Sagittarius: You’re single??? and hot?? and got a new hair cut?

Capricorn: Please stop singing.

Aquarius: You might have been hot shit at one time but they’re over it.

Pisces: You’re so outgoing.


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