Zodiac Archetypes

Zodiac Archetypes

Aries: The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Combatant, The Freedom Fighter,
The Defender, The Rescuer, The Worthy Opponent, The Dare Devil,
The Adventurer, The New Born

Taurus: The Nature Spirit, The Musician, The Silent One, The Object of Passion,
The Owner, The Temptress, The Artist, The Creator, The Banker, The Designer

Gemini: The Student, The Storyteller, The Gypsy, The Wander, The Journalist,
The Trickster, The Comedian, The Child, The Writer, The Teacher,
The Messenger

Cancer: The Healer, The Psychic, The Mother, The Invisible Man, The Maiden,
The Witch, The Counsellor, The Seductress, The Psychologist

Leo: The Protector, The Warrior, The Artist, The Actor, The Ruler, The King,
The Performer, The Golden Child, The Healer, The Prophet, The Magician,
The King, The Queen, The Guardian

Virgo: The Healer, The Perfectionist, The Servant, The Analyst, The Alchemist,
The Messenger, The Martyr, The Nature Spirit, The Naturopath

Libra: The Lawyer, The Counsellor, The Socialite, The Lover, The Peacemaker,
The Creator, The Seductress, The Lover, The Flirt, The Minx, The Designer,
The Mediator

Scorpio: The Mystic, The Alchemist, The Detective, The Sorcerer, The Hypnotist,
The Chemist, The Psychiatrist, The Witch, The Investigator,
The Fortune Teller, The Guardian

Sagittarius: The Wanderer, The Tourist, The Teacher, The Guide, The Philosopher,
The Psychiatrist, The Student, The Benefactor, The Comedian,
The Free Spirit

Capricorn: The Old Soul, The Administrator, The Judge, The Mentor, The Prime Minister,
The Father, The Entrepreneur, The Banker, The Wizard

Aquarius: The Revolutionary, The Scientist, The Eccentric, The Visionary,
The Rebel, The Genius, The Outlaw, The Free Spirit, The Activist,
The Inventor, The Alchemist, The Exile

Pisces: The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Artist, The Poet, The Guide, The Guru,
The Medic, The Healer, The Worshipper, The Creator, The Dancer,
The Psychotic, The Addict, The Visionary
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