Make Your Heart The Most Beautiful Thing About You

Make Your Heart The Most Beautiful Thing About You

Make your heart
the most beautiful thing
about you.

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5 thoughts on “Make Your Heart The Most Beautiful Thing About You”

  1. Mere intellectual understanding does not bring God nearer to
    you. It is love, not questioning, that will bring God to you.
    Questioning nourishes pride and separateness. So do not ask
    questions, but strive to become a ‘slave’ of the Perfect Master.
    When your life presents an honest and sincere picture of your
    mind and heart just an embrace from a Perfect Master is
    enough to quicken the spirit. When I the Ancient One
    embrace you I awaken something within you which gradually
    grows. It is the seed of Love that I have sown. There is a long
    period and great distance between the breaking open of the
    seed and its flowering and fruiting. Actually the Goal is neither
    far nor near and there is no distance to cross nor time to
    count. In Eternity all is here and now. You have simply to
    become that which you are. You are God, the Infinite
    Meher Baba <3

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