You might be the only one who does

You might be the only one who does


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    1. Like I was with Sam this morning and we were leaving the gas station and this lady asked for a couple of dollars for gas and I gave it to her and he sarcastically said ur nice as if he wouldn’t have done the same. That’s mean and I’m glad that I see these things and they remind me why my feelings changed but also it questions if I want a friend like that. I only have room for passionate kind hearted people in my life now and yea haha but if a person really doesn’t need it for the reason that they say or whatever that’s their karma but when I have and I can i give

  1. I live in the “blizzard zone.” I was at the Commissary (grocery store on a military base) picking up a case of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) for my emergency kit. I always keep some on hand, and I had run out. I end up buying a couple cases a year, not because I eat them, but because I carry a couple in my car. If I see someone with a sign asking for help, I hand them one. That is everything they need for a hot, nutritious meal. Someone said to me, about my actions, “Why do you that, those cost almost $10? He probably has more money than you.”
    This is always my answer!

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