You Can Find New Beginnings

The odds of turning your dreams into reality are always optimistic, so never say never.


Even the people you look up to so much or the celebrities who you thought already have everything in their lives also experience moments of downfalls. The truth of a matter is we all make wrong moves at one point in our lives, and there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen again. That’s exactly the purpose of life — not to get a perfect score but to always strive to make things right no matter how long it takes. Give yourself a break for all the bad decisions you did in the past and don’t let them prevent you for selecting bold choices in the future. Fear only exists if you allow it to enter inside your head. Your dreams 8 months ago might not be the same set of dreams you will desire 2 years from now. So be open in exploring what you truly want in life. Say yes more often. Don’t be scared to walk through any doors that open before your eyes.


Your dreams are ever changing and you can always find something new to hope for. Look at the sky every day and see how metaphorical it is to every single chance you will undertake in your life — clear and endless.


You will fall in love again, it will take quite some time, but one day you will.


It’s so rare that hopeless romantics get their happily ever after in just first attempt. So don’t be jaded by the woe that transpired in your life. Don’t let the person who threw sticks and stones to your journey of finding the one dim your bright perspective of true love. You might have convinced yourself that solitude works best for you but just give yourself time to restore the broken figures that collapsed inside of you. Your questions of why she broke up with you or why he cheated on you will make sense sooner when you’re ready to accept all the answers. God has a reason why He is separating you to the one you think is the right person for you. He has a bigger purpose we might not understand yet. So have faith in perfect His timings. For all you know, someone better is coming along your way. Open your heart as much as you can and only guard it when it’s necessary. Give yourself second chance to love again and allow someone to love you again.


You are a diamond in sand and one day someone will find you and appreciate how wonderful of a gem you truly are. Look in the mirror and love what you see. You are beautiful inside and out. Go say it and convince yourself.



There will be days in the future when you will meet strangers who will easily become your best friends.


Not everyone is going to betray you. There’s still good left in humanity. You can trust with all your hearts again. You will meet friends who will be happy with what you have achieved and encourage you to do more. That even though you don’t speak their first language or have the same skin color or grow up in the same culture, you can still understand them in some ways through their actions. You will find people who will be in the same page of insanity with you. That buying snacks at a 24-hour grocery store in the middle of a night and driving with headlights off on the outskirts of town are already sense of adventure to them. You will come across with your future best-friends who will make a huge impact and forever change your life. That being each other children’s godparents will become a norm and a yearly summer vacation will be the most look-forward-to-date of the year for all of you.

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