Worry about loving yourself

Worry about loving yourself

Worry about loving yourself, Instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.

If I could love myself enough, would I be needing any love from anywhere.

Wouldn’t I be more of a Giver than a Receiver

A life expectation free. Are expectations not root to all heartbreaks and evils ?

9 thoughts on “Worry about loving yourself”

  1. Some just dont get it! Only when we receive love f God that we begin to love our selves then loving other I's loving self! Even your enemies! When they hurt u ,u hurt more for them because they yet receive love Of God for themselves! Some r too busy trying fix other tell them their lacks wrongs yet receive fullness of Gods love self! If u can't love your self how can u love any one?

  2. Loving yourself is very important for yourself and your own self respect. It's also crucial in being able to love others.

    However, if we wait so long, working so hard, at how perfectly we must love ourselves, we will never, ever have relationships with others. We, as human beings, simply aren't capable of 100% perfectly love ourselves.

    I think that it's good and interesting that you bring up the idea of other people loving you. As my daughter's classmate once asked someone: "Do you like the person or do you like the idea of that person?"

    It's also the same with relationships. The idea of having a relationship is totally different than actually having a relationship.

    Ideas sound great. Having the relationship can be much more complicated and challenging. As I always say, "My vision of life is so much better in my head".

  3. I think that conceptually this is very beautiful. Maybe that is all we need. But I also think it is a very beautiful and fulfilling thing to love and be loved be someone else, that feeling of being connected not only to your partner but to all. Maybe it also shows us how to love ourselves, maybe it all goes together.

  4. I think learning to love ourselves is a journey and in the process we learn how to unconditionally love others, as well as to accept love given to us. That can be really hard to do. Love is imperfect, and if we can accept our imperfect selves, would we not accept what form of love others are capable of with less expectations of what it should look like?

  5. …this is the problem as I see it…there is a ''spiritual'' and a ''phyisical'' these are at ''odds'' most of the time…the ''god'' in us pulls us in that direction,the ''beast'' in us in that direction…the ''labido'' is very strong…''Yin & Yang '' is only one way to name these oppossing ''forces'',the only tool to resist…is the mind…

    1. I don't view those as opposing. I view sexuality as very spiritual when one respects both spirituality and sexuality. It can be a way of getting a glimpse of that world of light which is holy and sacred.

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