A World Which Looks So Serene Yet Screams – Mind Talk

Ever wondered how to live a life…

If only we could get a manual to get through all the tides,

The society drags us into their hole…

To be like them and act like a total ass-hole

People think you are harsh and mean…

They’ll bully you if you are lean,

Their world goes around their pre-developed thought…

And anything new/different is not easily bought..

But, never be afraid to follow your heart

You are unique and should play your own part…

You can be whatever you want..

Don’t worry, even if the society daunt.

People are mean and selfish…

They’ll use you and treat like rubbish..

They don’t care whether you live or die..

They are like crocodiles and will cry while saying you goodbye.

They got no shame and no guilt upon themselves,

They play the part of monsters that are hidden in the shelves,

So beware of them as you cannot easily recognize..

They are experts in being angels in disguise.

A world which looks so serene yet so screaming…

Where you can be most peaceful when you are sleeping…

Where the only thing that matters is what you think of you..

And how you planned to live that life of yours which is still due.

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