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The world you know has ended. I hope you do not fight to bring it back. Fear is passing. A new era of love has taken root. Humanity is more united as our love conquers our fears and misunderstandings. Things we have been wary of in their obscurity are being found more beautiful and as honest human beings we are embracing them with our entire beings. People are reaching out to strangers. In love and kindness. Knowing that they were never strangers in the first place. But old friends known forever in eternity. Embraced by a kindred spirit. Darkness is turning to light. Our fears no longer grip us with the terror they once held. Enemies lay down their weapons and embrace as brothers and sisters. Across boundaries of color, religion, culture, language, political ideologies, traditions and cultures. As heavens gates open here on earth. We create co cooperatively with spirit. And love without inhibition. The work you knew has ended and good riddance to it too wars are over minds are free greed is gone. We are less brilliant and more equal. The sun shines his smiling face on us all. We dance and sing together in love, peace, and harmony.

Indeed the world is ended and life anew has begun!

Written by Lloyd the Legend


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1 thought on “The world is coming to an end – Mind Talk”

  1. Let love,peace ^_ ^
    hope, faith and most of all love reigns.Let the vessels keesailing. The birdswill sing andthe world will have the fullest joy♡.We are heading on a spectacular view sometimes we dont have notion but this is true .

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