Wisepicks For 8 November

Som Choden

Your monster is in front.
What’s behind is just
a shadow.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Just when you thought
you were alone




As you stay awake
scrolling down each post,
remember you are hindering your health
as you become a dark ghost.



Jacquie McCann
It’s not the darkness outside
 that scares me,
it’s the darkness inside


Faith Dunsmuir


The tales of others daily grind
fill your head and numb your mind,
they are the shadows
of people unknown,
that keep you awake
when you’re in bed alone.


Faith Dunsmuir


There is a monster lurking near,
turn off your phone
and it will disappear.


Rinku Shah


The shadows that lurk behind,
Are demons of your mind.
Screen time needs to lessen
It’s an important lesson.


Mai Quesada


Demons lurk behind
ready to devour you!
Temptation to sin
is his line of work.
Learn to resist,
always be on guard!


Felicia Holmes


We must protect our children
from their own curiosity,
and the darkness that hides
behind the screen.


Debra Pry


Never let fear,
make you afraid.
Conquer your demons,
Before they conquer you.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Some things you can’t unsee.
They will haunt your dreams.


Rena Lozier – Strauss


And you thought
monsters were only
under your bed


Thiago Mello


The digital darkness


Andrea Morgan


Monsters do not live
under the bed.
Monsters live
inside your head.
With every selfie,
Snapchat, and meme,
You become the monster
you cannot see.


Sulekha Pande


The demons in my head,
dance around my bed.

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