Wisepicks For 8 January

Jolynn Natman


Growth is painful, 
but there is beauty 
along the way.


Armando Dasigo Baria


Change is hard 
in the beginning 
but beautiful in the end.


Bambi Na


Never let 
a beautiful bloom
Turn itself into 
a prickly thorn  
Shikha Gandhi


You can flower, 
even if you are a barbed wire. 
Just do it
Laura Smith 
People with difficult pasts, 
often turn out 
the most beautiful
Laura Smith
Even the most painful journeys 
can have a beautiful end
Cathy Lovas
My barbed pain 
has slowly taught me 
to let go and blossom.
Mary Kirkpatrick
We twist and turn,
As we grow and learn.
We take on barbs and spikes,
Determining our hates and likes.
Eventually the thorns give in,
And we soften from within.
Life’s tribulations begin to cower.
Wisdom and beauty start to flower.  
Jackie De Klerk
Healing takes time and effort. 
At first your wounds will often 
be cut open with memories, 
then the hurt will slowly be numbed 
into a less hurtful stage. 
In the end you will blossom again, 
trust the journey. 




There is resilience 
in withstanding pain 
and there is beauty 
overcoming it.




Indulge in the process. 
Trust the change.


Sherry Greene 


From wrong to right,
And darkness to light,
From brokenhearted throes
Beauty eventually grows. 


Rinku Shah


‘No gain without pain’ 
is what they say
Endurance and resilience 
is the only way!


Simón Allen-Cortés
From the barb 
blooms the blossom


Happy Honey


With hardwork and patience 
she turned all her thorns
 into flowers


Robin Cecilia


Good things can come 
from painful experiences.


Marysol’s Home Furnishing


Difficult beginnings 
will lead to 
beautiful endings

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