Wisepicks For 6 November

Sahana Kamath


My love for you is so rich,
With every loving stitch,
I will caringly tend,
The wounded heart will mend


Donna Bayer


The person that is
willing to use his heart
to mend yours
is where your heart
and soul belong.


Mercy Fury


He gave a part of himself
to mend her broken heart.


Ashok Pande


Only Love can mend
a broken heart,
but no matter
how hard we try,
the scars may fade,
but never disappear.


M Jeyaram


Unspoken love doesn’t mean
it cannot heal a broken soul.
It still mends the wounds.
Bruises, yet love rejoices.


M Jeyaram


A stitch in time
saves ‘mine.’


Debra Pry


She made broken look beautiful.
With every Stitch
she was mended with love.
But the scar remained.
Because every rose
has its thorns,
And every scar has its pain.


Rinku Shah


Fragile! Handle with care.
What’s broken we can repair
Love is what we share,
Don’t worry I’ll always be there!


Asmiya S


If it’s the healing cord of mine
which makes our bond strong
I’ll be a healer
of your pain life long.


Debra Pry


He was the hero
of a broken heart,
And with every Stitch,
She became whole again.


Kawaljit Singh


Let my voice lift the
broken pieces of your soul
and sing your heart’s song


Debbie Leibold


He tailored his way
into her heart.




He who healed her,
made her whole again.


Arlene Larocque Jones


With great precision
He made an incision
With hope to ameliorate
What was left of her heart


Sulekha Pande


Sew up my heart,
with the thread
of your love.




The hole in her heart
became whole with his art.


Charl Lacorte


My love is the healing stitch
of your broken heart.


Asmiya S


His presence mends
my broken heart in silence.


Ashley Kreh


I love you sew much

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