Wisepicks For 5 November

M Jeyaram


Life is but
a rehearsal
of role reversal.


Chinhita Bose


Invest in love
To get the dividend of care.


Ashok Pande


This Cycle of Life,
Sometimes returns us to ,
The Point of our Formative Days.
This Perception sometimes
becomes a Reality.


Debra Pry


The circle of life.
The reflection you see,
Becomes the image you will be.
Time stands still for No One,
And no one can make
time stand still.


Rinku Shah


It’s payback time,
In life’s prime
A realisation of this sort,
Is a priceless thought.
Parents are a treasure,
Beyond measure!




Life has a way of testing us all.
With roles exchanged,
it defines our call
and sees if we stand tall
or fall.


Mitchell Thomas


A reflection is the window
of your tomorrow.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Mirror the love
you once received


Felicia Holmes


The Love we share with others
always comes back.


Karl Edwards


True love will stand tall
with the test of time.


Sherry Greene


The wheels of time carry us
through our lives.


Sara Hafez


What’s given with love,
will always come back
in a way or another.


Mai Quesada


Life’s cycle
a give and take!


Jora Mingco


The cycle
of life


Sahana Kamath


The circle

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