Wisepicks For 5 January

Usha Nandini

Trust your instincts, 
they usually show you 
what’s behind the scene 


Helen Quinlivan


If the alarm bells ring, 
be aware,
the narcissist’s grin is a mask 
he’ll wear in public, 
to cover an evil smirk,
and trap you forever 
in his mentally 
deluded framework.


Deborah Poff


Sometimes we are taken by 
the generous smiles on the outside 
only to find the caustic truth 
behind the mask
listen to your intuition


Kris White


Don’t always take things 
at face value.


Anjana Surendran


Once, twice, thrice 
and many more yet to come
pretensions and disguise 
set a bait of treachery for me 
and now let me think and pursue


Jeanie Elizabeth


Hiding behind the 
veil of pretense.




The sugar-coated smile 
will wear off one day 
and the anger-coated face 
will show itself that day.


Rinku Shah


Hiding any emotion,
Causes confusion.
Express what you feel
The freedom you feel 
is a big a deal!  


Shilpika Bagh


A “deceptive face” 
out there to impersonate; 
a “mindful vision” 
can save life imprisonment


Jodie Morrison


Always trust your first impression. 
What you see on the outside 
may not be what is on the inside.




The face you project 
is too good to be true. 
There’s something else behind,
 I get the clue.

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