Wisepicks For 5 February

Armando Dasigo Baria


Life is a lot easier 
when you’re half full 
than empty.


Shilpika Bagh


What matters most in life;
 how we perceive
than just achieve .


Sheila Cotterall


Not seeing what went in or out,
Either viewpoint 
has a measure of doubt, 
Rather seek acceptance 
between peers,
It’s half a glass, 
just drink it, cheers!


Sabiha Nikhat


Don’t spend your energy 
looking for only that 
which doesn’t exist.


Alíçìåh Qüéshïëy Shazaquey


When you choose to perceive 
a situation negatively, 
you encounter unnecessary struggles
physically, mentally and emotionally..
why undergo all this 
when changing your perception 
is far much easier 
and it will spare you the hurt?


Leta Marie DeMello


When grounded with 
gratitude and appreciation 
for what you have is where 
you’ll find happiness; conversely, 
if you choose to focus on what is lacking,
 you are missing the abundance 
that already exists.


Kyle White 


There is more energy required 
in measuring emptiness
 compared to fullness.


Ashok Pande


To some,
The glass is half full and,
Half empty to others.
Give it a thought,
Its a clash of
Hope & hopelessness. 


Jackie De Klerk


While one measures the water 
and the other measure the lack, 
I am thankful to have my glass back.


Linda Mansolf


Keep a positive outlook,
 the glass is always half full


Felicia Holmes


More energy is exerted
 when you focus on what is missing,
than to acknowledge 
what you already have.  


Carol Strutt


A glass half full or half empty 
depends on your perspective.


Mary Kirkpatrick


There is no right or wrong,
Only perception, all along.


Mai Quesada


Fulfillment in life
depends on your barometer 
of contentment


Sulekha Pande


Optimism makes people see 
the abundance in scarcity,
While pessimism views emptiness 
even in abundance.

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