Wisepicks For 5 December

Rinku Shah


A book in my hand,
And I enter another land.
My escape…
To exotic landscapes!


Anjana Surendran


She who holds the key
 to step out can 
unlock many doors
 of imagination to step in.


Jodie Morrison
It’s my turn to live 
the life I have only read about


Anjana Surendran


Passing over sheets
Embracing the bygone
Flashing on the memories
I got stuck there
Where I lost myself
And never could replace

Arlene Larocque Jones


The pages within
Is where the adventure begins
Open the heart and mind
And you will find
The hidden message
That it possesses


Sarah Jane


Into the wilderness I go.
 To lose my mind and find my soul.


Neha Garcha


Being the best 
escape from reality 
Being the best teacher
 of wisdom and life,
“Books indeed are 
humans best friend “

Yuva Ranjini


When I enter the realm
 of books each and every time;
 I find a new world. 
When I leave out of it;
 I find only grey space.
 Bothways, You could learn a bit.
 That’s the prophecy of our existence!


Debra Pry


You are my story.
I write you into everything.
With every page I turn,
I lose myself a little more..
Into the pages, that I bleed to life.


Rinku Shah


You need to getaway?
A book will 
show you the way.
To faraway lands…
Like a ticket in your hands.
Travel at your pace,
Even to outer space!


Mary Kirkpatrick


A book is the best place
 ever to get lost. Go ahead, 
take the road to imagination. 
Become entranced.


Arn Ramos


The book is your 
doorway to new adventure

Karl Edwards


Don’t judge a book
 by its cover because
 it is the doorway
 to more than 
you can imagine.


Pallavi Chittora


She encountered 
the most colourful 
experiences in the 
black and white 
world of the books.




My illusion about life 
looks prepossessing 
in a canvas than in reality ..
There I breathe love
that enthrals my soul..


Jasminda Hanbury


the rabbit hole 
is a book

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