Wisepicks For 4 October

Wisepicks For 4 October

Sulekha Pande


Don’t abuse,
hold that blow,
you’ll never let
the child grow


Rinku Shah


The trauma is ingrained in my mind,
How I wish you were kind!
I was small and harmless,
You, angry and ruthless.
What was my fault?
To be subjected to your daily assault!


Felicia Holmes


Childhood traumas
leave a lasting imprint
on the mind.


Deborah Poff


Squashing a child’s creativity
can cause an imbalance
as an adult


David Greenstreet


Don’t allow anyone
to step on your
inner child!


Karen Sue Rozelle


Feeling my self-worth
being crushed by others.


Jacquie McCann


Talk about a bolt of lightning
There’s no pain like bad flashback
to kick me right where it hurts

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