Wisepicks For 4 November

Shontay Marie


Chasing Reality, 
he came to life 

Arlene Larocque Jones
Those that follow their passion 
are not distracted by things 
that don’t matter.

Rinku Shah
You miss the simple joys,
Being busy on electronic toys.
Excessive screen time is hazardous,
Let’s try being adventurous
Lift up your head,
And try chasing a butterfly instead! 

Andrea Morgan
Wake up before it’s too late.
Don’t fall off a cliff 
for a reality that’s fake.
Like butterflies, 
chase your dreams,
Here in the real world, 
not on a screen. 

Jackie De Klerk
Look up from your screen,
there’s so much to be seen.
Technology, the downfall.
Enjoy life, the beauty of it all.

Vyvienne Chamberlain
Heads down, screens on 
as lemmings to their fate
Missing simple joys of life 
and now it is too late. 

Sahana Kamath
Like a herd,
Caught in the virtual world,
Look around,
Don’t be bound,
Gaze at the skies,
Chase the butterflies,
Feast your eyes on the sunrise,
It is time to realize,
There is life beyond,
The world of GADGETS. 

M Jeyaram
Observe that energy 
which lifts you above all. 
Your new vibes are actually 
your true tribes. 
Follow them to save yourself 
from the fall.  

Sulekha Pande
Following your passions,
takes you to bliss,
trying to follow the rat race, 
will make you fall 
in a bottomless pit..

The things you’ll miss, 
it’s pure Bliss.
Please come out 
of this tech slavery.
Pay attention to real world 
for recovery..  

Lift your head 
and live your life

Colin Mulvey
Follow your dreams
Not the herd

Vivien Riga Andriano
Explore the life of the mind 
and the spirit.

Chinhita Bose
If you follow blindly 
you will be deceived
Trust your senses 
and you will be blessed with bliss  

Vince McKenna
Always follow 
the right distractions

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