Wisepicks For 31 October



For all the vile pricks, 
love performs 
its own tricks.


Jessica Taylor Kirkpatrick


you have to drink
a lot of wine 
to deal with the pricks.


Sulekha Pande


Love between opposites,
creates unique composites
you’re prickly, I’m delicate,
come closer, don’t hesitate,
your love will never hurt my soul,
I have you covered 
with love on the whole.


Karthik Parthasarathy


Smoothening out 
the rough edges, 
Handling all the thorns, 
For the bubble not to burst, 
And the love to survive and grow.  


Ashok Pande


The release of 
our bottled up emotions 
can give us true satisfaction 
and happiness. 
The pin pricks of 
pent up feelings,
can only weigh us down 
with a false feeling. 


Chandrima Roy


The person who loves you truly 
will find thousands of reason 
for staying with you 
instead of sticking to the 
hundred other reasons 
for leaving you.


Debra Pry


Impossible love you say.
And I say love will always 
find a way.
If you can conquer all 
the Pricks and thorns,
You may feel like 
your heart is being torn.
But the right one will always stay,
Because true love always 
finds a way. 


Katie Holte 


My edges are sharp, 
but I will find a way 
to soften them for you.


Debra Pry 


Love will always 
find a way.


Bea C. Pilotin


That’s the thing about LOVE, 
it doesn’t hurt


Roma Manglani


Love is the solution 
to all the prickly problems


Adam Mirecki 


Alcohol fixes everything

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