Wisepicks For 3 December

Anjana surendran

Her roles never 
drifted her mind
Her burdens never 
ceased her thoughts
Her duties never 
buried her yearning
For she was always 
a seeker of knowledge!


Shebib Ruskin


No matter how hard it is, 
pick up the knowledge


Rinku shah


She never said a word,
Like a caged bird.
‘If responsibilities are my share,
It’s only fair…
To let me read,
And sow the knowledge seed!’


Usha nandini


Even with all those burden, 
she yearns to read. 
Even if you 
can’t reduce the burden, 
don’t deny her right to read.




Read your life.
It will be fruitful for all your strife…


Sharada Banan


Don’t try to 
weigh me down 
with burden of life
I’m a woman of substance
I know how to 
wriggle out of
all the strife
And where to reach
for my inner peace


Debra Pry


Seeds of knowledge, 
can open new doors.


Jackie De Klerk


A lot is demanded 
from a woman,
 even from a young age. 
Heavily lying on a 
young girl’s shoulders, 
but whilst she is determined 
to better her knowledge
 she will reach the next stage.


Chaitali Bhuva Agrawal


Despite of the
 baggage of responsibilities ,
 her heart craves for knowledge..


Ruben Tck


Let the scent of knowledge
relieve you of your 
burdens and emancipate
beyond ceilings of class,
creed and gender.


Sandy Kasdan Rozelman


Knowledge will set you free 
from whatever it is 
that is weighing you down.


Sherry Greene


She has the weight 
of the world
on her shoulders,
But with some time 
with a book or more,
Her world could 
change for the better.


Ssareeta Singh


Lotsaa load,
A little more,
My sweet girl,
Study never comes before,
My innocent pearl,
You are the one 
Around whom whole world twirl!


Laila Ardiente


The one who is determined 
to gain knowlege 
always find ways 
to have it 
despite the burden 
of hardship and poverty.


Prasupta Roy


Her heart seeks 
for knowledge
But torn is she
 with responsibilities
Give her the
 little care she needs
Allow some freedom
 and ease her difficulties.


Trish Q Ryan


Knowledge is key 
to managing life’s baggage.


Ann Doherty


It is not the weight 
of the burden 
nor the strength
 of the carrier 
but the intelligence 
to hold things
 in the right place
 and angle that allows
 one to manage life 
and still reach for
 beauty and new ideas

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