Wisepicks For 29 September

Wisepicks For 29 September

Wisepicks For 29 September1

Jolynn Natman


Mirror, mirror on the Wall, 
oh the stories you know 
of my Childhood and all. 
In my eyes you can see, 
the little girl who still lives 
inside of me.


Jessica Labrada


My face, not a reflection 
of my heart. 
Only a symbol of times past. 


Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


How you perceive yourself 
is the reflection of you!


Debra Pry


The mirror 
is your reflection.
The soul 
is who you are.


Donna McCarthy


If you can see 
from the eyes of a child, 
what a wonderful world 
it will be. 


Nerisha Kemraj


Looking through 
the mirror of time


Kris White


It’s all in how 
you see yourself 


Anubha Sharma


As they say, 
the mirror doesn’t lie;
It looks through your soul, 
even before it meets the eye;
From the person you have been 
to the person you have become,
Every stage of your life, 
gracefully it welcomes.


Deborah Poff


Its sad that people judge me 
by my outside appearance, 
when the inside holds a young girl 
who loves life and laughter  


Sulekha Pande


What’s inside me,
looks back at me,
the child-like soul,
though I had no control,
the passage of of time,
takes its toll,
It has added 
wrinkles to my face,
I retain my innocence,
and my noble soul. 


Rinku Shah


The mirror only reflects 
what’s outside,
Real beauty starts 
from the inside.
Age will catch up 
sooner or later,
An undying spirit 
and loving heart is better!  


Ujjawal Kumar


As young as you think , 
as old as you feel.


Chrissie Carr Dorton


The reflection of who you see, 
is the girl I used to be


Karl Edwards


Holding the wisdom of a child 
and bearing the lessons 
of a lifetime.

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