Wisepicks For 29 October

Felicia Holmes


Too close 
to see the truth.


Jamael Mckee-haywood 


A dangerous lie is easily 
sealed with a kiss  


Susan Fair Arakelian


Never treat your partner 
like a puppet, 
never pretend they are 
a toy to use. 
People are real
and everyone has feelings, 
they are real people.


Rinku Shah


Insincerity or a Reality?
He follows his nose
But love knows!
The embrace is feigned,
Leaving both drained!  


Rinku Shah


Get your nose out of my head,
Interference is what I dread.
Love knows real from fake
Be honest for God’s sake!  

Debra Pry


I’d rather you kiss me 
with the truth,
Than hurt me with lies.  


Jeanette Lødøen


Get this through your head
Believe me when I show you 
who I am.


Asmiya S


I embraced you 
with true love
You kissed me 
with cheap lie.  


Jochen Anderson


I kiss you with truth 
but you poke me with your lies.
You made me your puppet 
when truly I was the main prize. 


Raul Longoria


Don’t kiss me 
with those lies

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