Wisepicks For 25 March

April Camille Berden


For every
skyscrapers built,
Mother Nature
dies with it.


Darren Knight


The higher
our buildings go
the deeper the cracks
in our climate become.


Dharmen De Paswan


What we call urbanization
is modernization
but actually
it is desertification.


Rinku Shah


and construction
has parched
Mother Earth.
At this cost
is it really worth?
Time to rethink.
We are close
to the brink!


April Camille Berden


Are we really prospering?
Nurturing our way of life
while torturing the Earth.


Shilpika Bagh


The ‘plight’ of civilization;
‘drought’ with urbanization.


Basudev Chakrabarty


Unearthing the evils of
Urbanization of the world.


Jackie De Klerk


Once upon a time
there was nothing
but nature.
Now people
created erosion
with buildings.


Joanne Margaret Peckham


The Curse
of the Urban Sprawl!


Diane Lynn Cooley


It’s dry and cracking
like mud or paint.
Mosaic ruins.


Ashish Verma


Urbanization has
engulfed mother Earth,
Leaving the flora
and fauna to dearth.


Sikha Chatterjee


The more
urbanization will develop
the more sufferings
will be created
for nature and poor people.


John Ortiz


The land underneath,
is the land
of a lost graveyard
to a money dynasty

that failed the people.


Jaishree Buthuram


A Concrete jungle
where us humans
are imprisoned.


Abzy Jay


The earth is dying
but people continue
to live the same life.


Hamida Rahim Mardhani


With the buildings so tall
Humans have become
Each trapped in the maze
wondering where
are the sun rays!


Anju Saxena


Cracking up of
the concrete jungle.


Jackie De Klerk


Dry land,
cracked sand.
Trees standing tall.
Now the buildings stand,
nature came to a fall,
with people,
buildings and all.


Asmiya S


Increasing abundance
apparently shows
that we have more desire
to be comfortable
than the desire to live.


Deb Meyers


The mosaic of man,
who has taken the land,
converted the sand
and into the city
it all has been crammed.


Linda Mansolf


A stone cold planet
where ‘living’
becomes an existence.
Earth they call it.


Debra Pry


When mother Earth
decides to go away,
I’m afraid none
of us will stay.
Too many high-rises
and not enough land.
Not enough
bare feet
to kick in the sand.
Nature is healing,
Depression is high.
I guess we’re all
just living a lie.


Shilpika Bagh


Nurture the ‘mother nature’;
parched by ‘skyscrapers’.

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