Wisepicks For 23 March

UniLyn Belt


Appreciate those
who empty themselves
to make you whole.


Rod Gin


Parent’s heart
provides us greater vision,
while their arms
give us greater strength.


Faith Dunsmuir


Grounded in the arms
of those who love us.


Rod Gin


Parents are ready
to lose everything
just to make their child
complete and special.


Shilpika Bagh


Love and compassion
fills the ‘void’ in life.


Rinku Shah


When you feel
empty and hollow,
There is one rule to follow,
Hold onto each other
really tight,
Behind the cloud,
the sun shines bright!


Felicia Holmes


The truth is,
it takes all we have
to keep our family together.


Frankie Crabtree England


No matter what scars you,
safety is always found
in the arms
of your parents.


Sharon La Fond


standing on equal footing,
in solidarity
to raise their child.


Preethii Kuumaar Patnaaik


Circle of love,
connecting together
through eternity.


Shelly Wvhs


Losing a loved one
leaves a whole
that nothing can fill.


Sulekha Pande


We see the world
through our parent’s.


April Es


They emptied
their being
to build yours.
Never forget
to return home
and fill them again.
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