Wisepicks For 23 December

Shilpika Bagh


The insecurities have 
outgrown the love 
we “once shared “; 
for here I lay by you
 in a despair 
of ” feeling shared”.


Mani Jack


Overthinking creates illusion 
that breeds perceptions 
which may poison yourself 
and ruin your relationship.


Sulekha Pande


The memories haunt,
the past will daunt,
holding on to ghosts 
will leave you in exhaust..


Sabiha Nikhat


You won’t need to 
compromise your space 
for securing the comfort 
from an already secure man


Frankie Crabtree England 


Though my head 
lays beside yours
hers will always 
be between us.  


Mary Kirkpatrick 


Shades of another mistress,
Makes one wary and listless.


Debra Pry


Some people 
will always remain,
A ghost in your heart.

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