Wisepicks For 23 August

Wisepicks For 23 August

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 23 August.



When all we have is love to fill,
time comes to a standstill.

Rajeev K Singh


No need to quarrel
and no need to fight .
Love is the essence
which makes life right ,
Let the love help
to stop the moving time,
Let the world know that
I am your & you are mine.

Nancy Shurkoff


When we stop to listen,
When we live to appreciate,
When we learn to accept,
When we love to no end.
It is then that time stands still
and balance is achieved.



When we hold hands,
and have the balanced dance,
Love is limitless and we are in a trance.
Time comes to a standstill
to witness how our love fills.

Jaf Fuentes


Does time runs out when we’re arguing?
And remains unmoved when we’re not?
Time doesn’t change
nor the one that make the adjustment
with our moods.
Rather, time’s essence is valued
when we’re investing in loving
rather than arguing.

Sherry Greene
While others waste their time
Arguing and going about their petty ways
You and I enjoy our time
Living in the now,
and lost in each other’s gaze

Rinku Shah 


We’re running out of time,
Wasting it on quarrels is a crime.
Time stands still when LOVE takes over.
Let’s show the world its power! 

Ankita Devadiga


Time is a weapon 
only few are aware of it.
If you use it wisely you can survive 
or else it will spoil you 
after it passes.

Karthik Parthasarathy


A life filled with Love, 
A relationship with both 
inclined to give, 
Makes time stand still, 
The passage of time 
bends to your will.

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