Wisepicks For 22 March

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Shilpika Bagh

Under the realm
of ‘digital’ spell;
playful childhood
‘buried’ to dwell.


Jackie De Klerk


While alive and well,
on technology
we will dwell.
While dead
and 6 feet under,
we will attempt
to fix the blunder.


Cody McGladdery


Natural play is dead,
technology is
chosen instead.


Mary Kirkpatrick
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The robotic children
are becoming
the evidence,
of merging
human interaction
and artificial intelligence.


Ashish Verma


Technology has buried
the true meaning
of childhood.


Rinku Shah


There was a time
children just couldn’t sit,
Now that idea
is buried in a pit.
No more running
and playing
in the neighborhood,
Gadgets have
stolen their childhood.


Shilpika Bagh


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