Wisepicks For 22 March

Shilpika Bagh

Under the realm
of ‘digital’ spell;
playful childhood
‘buried’ to dwell.


Jackie De Klerk


While alive and well,
on technology
we will dwell.
While dead
and 6 feet under,
we will attempt
to fix the blunder.


Cody McGladdery


Natural play is dead,
technology is
chosen instead.


Mary Kirkpatrick


The robotic children
are becoming
the evidence,
of merging
human interaction
and artificial intelligence.


Ashish Verma


Technology has buried
the true meaning
of childhood.


Rinku Shah


There was a time
children just couldn’t sit,
Now that idea
is buried in a pit.
No more running
and playing
in the neighborhood,
Gadgets have
stolen their childhood.


Shilpika Bagh


Oblivious to their ‘little world’;
lost in the ‘digital world’.


Cory E Lizabeth


Human interaction
is buried below
the new world
of technology
that separates people
every minute
of every day.


Mercy Aranha


Mobile phones
take u closer
to the person
far away from you
and increases
the distance
to the one near you.
Fate of technology.


Codester White


Playing together
has become
a thing of the past,
technology has taken over
the future of communicating.




Dawn of digital gaming
has robbed
the true sense
of the word ‘playing’.


Sandy Jannetta


Childhood Games
and society
buried beneath
new age technology,
where did the innocence Go?


Rinku Shah


Human interaction
will be long forgotten,
Technology and its clasp
needs caution!


Debra Pry


Savor the
moments of childhood.
Enjoy everything
while you can.
Real moments
is what counts.


Wayne Kelley


How times have changed
from just playing outside,
to being tied
and only focused
on electronic devices.


Phyllis Snider Boyer


Remnants of
carefree childhood
buried by digital display.


Ankit Pandey


The real childhood
in the grave,
children became
puppet of gadgets.


Aira Maila Zapanta


Let’s not kill
the genuine happiness
our childhood should instill.


Som Choden


Innocence lost
to technology.


Marcella Bonner


Technology has killed
physical interaction
and socialization.


Mai Quesada


Modern technology
killed the generation
of the once carefree
and vibrant interaction
of childhood play.


Lovelyn Oncio


How social media destroys
living in a moment.

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