Wisepicks For 21 October

Wisepicks For 21 October

Sherry Greene

As long as we 
draw a breath, 
the universe lives 
within us.


Sherry Greene


The song of life.


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


The universe is
within us.


Zeph Ponce


Out of thy core,
you color your life 
and define your world.




Meditate and find your frequency,
You’ll resonate with the universe.
The soul is not to be tamed.
You’ll realize that you 
and the universe 
are not two different things 
but one and the same.


Karthik Parthasarathy


The mysteries out there, 
In the vast wide universe,
And those that remain, 
Inside of me, 
Almost the same, 
Secrets yet to be uncovered, 
I am part of the universe, 
Yet I hold an universe inside of me.  


Anindya J Ganguly


In the vast expanse 
of an Universe 
in which I breathe 
With anonymity 
& bohemian essence, 
paradoxically I exist. 


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Unleash your inner self 
to another dimension. 

Rinku Shah


The Universe and me:
We are one
And when this is known 
the battle is won!  


Laurel Meister


My truth comes from 
the inner depths of my being 
as it embraces my outer sphere. 


Debra Pry


The power is within you, 
own it.


Rishav Hardy 


As above, 
so within.

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