Wisepicks For 21 November

Ann Doherty

What looks like death 
to the world is really
birth to the soul .


Belinda Stott


In death 
my spirit is free.


Jacquie McCann 


Finding peace and freedom 
in my time of silence


Ashok Pande


Death is
A transition of the soul,
From one plane to the other.
The final solution or is it?  


Felicia Holmes 


When the body 
becomes a prison,
the spirit yearns to be set free.  


Debra Pry


Freedom is 
opening the cage,
And setting yourself free. 




Sleep is one of the most 
mysterious things.
It frees your desires 
and gives them wings.


Arlene Larocque Jones


As I lay on deaths door
Never wanting more
To be at peace
Have my soul released
Let it fly…. Let it soar.  


Arlene Larocque Jones


At last I embrace my fate
Take my last breath and wait
From my chest my soul will soar 
Pain and suffering I will feel no more 


Ssareeta Singh


Only you and your hands 
have the power 
to release yourself free!


Debra Pry


Freedom is within the soul.


David Eldridge


There is no such thing 
as freedom in life; 
that is only to be found in death.


Chinhita Bose


Unlock the cage
of your emotions
There is no bliss 
in shackles  


Emily Marie


She knew why the caged bird sang
so she freed it to free herself.

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