Wisepicks For 21 March

Rudy Scala


When evil holds the voiceless,
who speaks for them?


Felicia Holmes


Not all victims

choose to stay.
Many want out,
but don’t know the way.


Jackie McBilello


in a prison of my own.
I’m doing time
having committed no crime
in a prison all alone.


Emilie Caines-Scott


Not all prisons
have walls.




Suffering and pain,
grew and grew.
Her agony left stain
in each lines she drew.


Sherilyn Campbell


Tallying up your issues
will not resolve anything.
You must find your voice
and speak your truth.


Jackie De Klerk


She was only a child,
he was nothing
but a demon.
Missing reports
were filed every day
further from freedom.
She grew weary and thin,
marking the days within.
Her eyes filled with fear,
nothing left
to shed a tear.
In the darkness he came,
in the darkness
she disappeared.


Donna McCarthy


Fear leaves us a victim
without a voice.


Jesenia Carnero


All suffering and despair
exist in silence.


Vadette Radford


Countless times
our voices
remained unheard.
Our cries for help
an echo in your ears.
Again and again
you ignore our shouts
to only be heard.
You standing together
giant blocks of inhumanity,
jointly snuffling out the cries,
hiding the pain,
until the voiceless
are left with no choices.


Hector Bernal


Tally of heartbreak
and disappointment,
amongst promises
of a better tomorrow.


Anne Eily


The forces
of human violence
tied our voices of courage.


Rinku Shah


People say Patience pays.
Waited counting days,
equality in a relationship
is a must.
Continual dominance
is unjust!


Linda Mansolf


To suffer in fear
and silence helps no one.
Free yourself,
let go of the trauma
and only then
it will help you
and others.


Barbara Bryant Shepherd


One day
you’ll wake up
and realize
this is not the way
you want to feel any longer.


Jodi Holt Pittman


Speak! Shout!
Until someone,
hears your voice!
so he can’t destroy
yet another
unsuspecting soul!


Ashleigh Renee


Losing your voice
and not speaking up
for what you stand for
will leave you
a prisoner to a life
and people
that are not your truth.


Megøn Monungolh


Don’t shackle yourself
in a relationship
where everyday
feels like a prison;
where in
you have no voice.


Asmiya S


Fear not the darkness
otherwise the cruel
pains will hold you tight.


Mai Quesada


The dignity of a woman
being trampled upon
countless times
in the cuddle
of a powerful oppressor
leaving her unable
to voice out her cry
for help and freedom!


Lucia Beniakova


Giving your power away
by your own hand
makes you
someone’s prisoner
by your own choosing.


Samantha Clarke


Silence is deadly
when your days are number.


Lovelyn Oncio


Life lies on us;

how we live it.
Be a prisoner
of your decision
or be free
and live happily.


Lauren Batterham


A life sentence.


Randi Mis


He said
it was the last time


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