Wisepicks For 20 September

Wisepicks For 20 September1

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 20 September.

Wisepicks For 20 September1

Laira Margen


words started to pour out
from my soul,
filling up the empty pages.


Doris Hundley


As I absorb
the words on the pages,
I think my life
is a story for the ages.
Part tragedy, triumph and fun ,
the final chapter
has just begun.
What will be next for me?
I’ll turn the page and see!


Felicia Holmes


The writer exhales
as the reader inhales,
Giving birth to a
symbiotic rhythm of words
that breathes life into both


Wisepicks For 20 September4
Kayley Easterbrook


Accumulating thoughts
had consumed my mind
so I flooded the paper
with self expression
and relieved the itch
that lay beneath my skin.


Sulekha Pande


The only way
to unburden your heart,
put your pen to paper
and write every part,
tell your story what tears you apart,
the world will sit and take note,
you will be remembered
for every story, every quote.


Debra Pry


I am the writer
of My Own Story,
I write the words
that set my soul free..
With pen and paper,
I bleed the words.


Madhavi Chintakunta


As the story unfolds
words flow into me
shredding me
making every part in me a character
it’s all me, everything happening to me
yet, I know not the story
each turn and twist
creating and destroying characters
making a new me
as the story unfolds,
words flow into me


Sulekha Pande


From my soul
to my fingers,
came out my story.




Hand is my wand,
And words are my magic.
I write stories of myself
that are too tragic


Dazzling Smile


Absorb the knowledge,
light the way




With words that I bled,
Stories of myself I shed


Annette Abbott


The Word Poured out


Pam Deavers


My soul seeks
every written word
never finding “the end”

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