Wisepicks For 20 March

Ashish Verma

Civilization has
made “us” puppets
of the society.


Amanda Thompson


We are but puppets
to our ways of living
and no longer
in control of our freedom.


Bran Darius Valdehueza


The Evolution
of Innocence
to Ignorance.


James Webb


From primitive to puppet,
we all dance
to the strings of the world
whether we know it or not.


Rinku Shah


Evolution is a real thing,
Definitely not being attached to strings.
Use your free will,
You have time still!


Shilpika Bagh


Evolution is a journey
 to ‘adapt self’
than ‘lose self’ to others.


Debra Pry


As we evolve,
We revolve.
One step forward,
And another step
Lose the puppet strings,
Because life
is made of Dreams.
Delete or hide this


Jackie De Klerk


With each step
of development,
we need more assistance.
We are not
as self efficient
as in the beginning.


Maria Salud


Mankind has amazingly
evolved but only
to become puppets.


Linda Mansolf


Evolution into puppetry
because society
makes it that way.


Pauline Thomson


Once we were free,
now we are
shackled to society.


Supriya Kashyap


It’s a journey
from being apes
to being a puppet
ruler in this world.


Äñîtå Sãhóø


Although man has evolved
through years
& generations,
Yet stays a slave
in the hands of his
own societal creations.


Sunita Garg


Bondage in the name
of ‘evolution’.


Sulekha Pande


The story of evolution,
from freedom to devolution.


Sandra Wallace


From an ape,
which can be trained,
to a human,
that is still trained!

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