Wisepicks For 20 January

Donna Rauscher


Puts her heart into everything 
she does for her family.


Mary Kirkpatrick


When the cupboard
 is bare,
We have our love
 to share. 


Kathy Storch


Her heart goes 
into everything 
for the kids


Carol Paton-Maurice


Love feeds the soul 
If the soul nourishes the love


Marjie Yule Davitt


I give my heart 
and soul to these kids..
They give me a reason to live.


Debra Pry


Whatever the recipe,
Do it with love.


Anjana Surendran


Her heart did bleed
Her desires did feed
For her kids will lead
Her vision to live  


Rhonda Love


When it feels like
 all is lost, 
a mother’s heart is all 
that’s needed




Any recipe made with love 
is a recipe well made.


Frankie Crabtree England


We didn’t have much 
growing up 
but we always had 
mother’s love.


Robin Cecilia


The first, last 
and most important thing
 a mother gives her children
 is her heart.

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