Wisepicks For 20 December

Mary Kirkpatrick


Hand in hand, 
we plow into the light,
Stronger together, 
because we unite.


Mai Quesada


In the vastness of the sea
hand in hand, 
we escape life’s realities.


Anjana Surendran


From holding their hands
 to feel protected 
To holding their hands 
making them feel protected 
we grow up.


Ashok Pande


United we stand,
As one,
As a unit,
Facing all obstacles,
But there are
Which can
Test our cohesive unit.
Through the
Quicksand of time. 


Sabiha Nikhat


It might look as if 
they have nothing, 
but the treasure 
of togetherness in a family 
equals everything.  


Frankie Crabtree England


We are all torn 
from the same cloth.
We are all family. 


Rinku Shah


Through every rip and tear,
It’s the family 
that’s always there.
These bonds
Work like magic wands!  


Kamlesh Bhasin


Unity as a family 
can stand against 
storm of time.




There is nothing more important 
than holding on to those 
who mean the world to you 

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