Wisepicks For 2 September

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 2 September.

Johnathan Smith 


Traveling in the same direction, 
with different destinations.

Jill Henry


You go left and I’ll go right.
 We will meet again
 when the time is right.


Sulekha Pande


Going away,
our own separate way,
the memories, the love,
we shared once is there,
but destinations 
are not the same anymore,
if only, we could,
turn back, 
find a solution,
and meet halfway.
Back to each other.


Felicia Holmes


The path you take 
must be your own,
Even if you have to 
walk it alone. 




Carrying so many memories, 
we drift apart.
With vanity in the eyes 
and scars in our heart.


Rinku Shah


We may part ways,
But love stays
And if we’re meant to meet again,
This decision will not go in vain.
Life has a strange plan,
For every woman and man!  


Rinku Shah


Sometimes we need to 
take care of things.
And see what life brings.
Separation doesn’t always 
mean a loss,
Your paths may 
once again cross!  


Lisa Sanderson Smith 


Two people. Two paths.
separated by fate, circumstance, 
or the need to be alone. 
All paths twist and turn, 
perhaps we’ll meet again, 
perhaps we won’t.


Taliah Gentile 


Two people two ways
But how many days
Will it take to find 
If our paths will combine
Life is journey baggage and all
Down this dirt road 
we shall keep walking tall


Sherry Greene


As difficult as it it may be,
You must choose your own road.
Let the others go free
And carry your own load.


Jeanie Elizabeth


Sometimes the road best traveled 
is the one you walk alone.


Anna Maestas


Not everyone has 
the same path to take 
before we all meet at the end.


Kiri Swannell


Sometimes we can be 
in the same time and place 
but on different journeys

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