Wisepicks For 2 February

Vanessa de Bruyn


And just like that.
you left me empty


Felicia Holmes


He ripped out her heart,
 leaving a gaping hole.
The damage he caused
wasn’t to her body,
but to her soul.


Randall Ewart


He stole her heart
 and never looked back.


Nancy J. Walton 


There’s a hole in me 
where my heart used to be.


Darla Eyegirl


He walked into the Heavens, 
holding my heart. 
The trail of footprints
 is my soul going with him. 


Lisa Blewitt Tusing


It is a small man which carries away
 the love of a woman, 
leaving only an empty void 
in place of her heart. 
His departure is as sure and light 
as her love, 
leaving barely a trace of his presence. 
Left naked and vulnerable, 
she sinks to bury her sorrow, 
hurt, and shame.


Helen Williams


That sinking feeling 
when love leaves
 an empty space in you,
when he walks away 
with your heart.


Jackie De Klerk


You stole my heart when we met, 
but when you left, 
you took it with you .
 Now all that’s left is 
this vast space of emptiness, 
emptiness that will hinder me
 from falling in love, 
and of feeling happy again.


Debra Pry 


Left broken and bruised,
With nothing else to lose.
I gave you my heart,
You took it apart.
But the hole still remains..
Broken with pain. 


Mary Kirkpatrick


You walk away, 
thinking you’re smart.
Before you left, 
you took my heart.
My angst is more than 
I can withstand.
It seems our love, 
was built on quicksand. 


Kat Lowenberg


Where my heart once was is a hole,
 the distance between us
 taking its toll


Melissa Mendez


Wherever you go, 
please take my heart with you.


Mari Knorr-Graham


He took me, from me.


Autumn Bosell


She turned away, a broken soul; 
he left with her heart, 
and created a hole

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