Wisepicks For 19 October

Lori Ann Cieslinski

Pride and ego
always derive from a mind
that is unwell.


Michael Brown


Talking tough
is a sign of
an infirm mind.


Jackie De Klerk


People with mental disorders
are often the very same people
with the strongest messages.


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


The tongue itself has no bones
but it is strong enough
to break a mind and a heart.

Jeanie Elizabeth


Small minded people
may speak the loudest
but often have the least to say.


Felicia Holmes


Weak minds
often spew
mighty words.


Rinku Shah


A fractured mind
leads to words
that are unkind.




Hurt in the mind,
Curt with the words.


Madhu Suthari


Hidden weakness
behind the curtain
of the strong show

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