Wisepicks For 19 February

Donna McCarthy


With all the task
that I have in hand,
I can still run fast
as any Man.

Richa Lal


The daily chores,
the daily hurdles,
we woman face life

with all its struggles

Laura Reagan


And we’ll still beat you
 to the finish line


Nisha Patel


Empowered women
overcome many challenges
in the race of life!


William Knight


Multi tasking
for the win


Helen Quinlivan


Despite the obstacle course
women face,
they still fight to win
the race!


Shilpika Bagh


Let’s face it;
unfair for her
 to ace this.


Rinku Shah


A race based on merit,
Participants waiting
with high spirits.
Obstacles never deterred
any woman,
Even when their tracks
differed from every man


Mary Kirkpatrick


If merit determined
who’d win the race,
the multi-tasking women
would win with grace


Chinhita Bose


Oh Woman!
You are second to none
Let your hurdles strengthen you
to become number One


Brenda Johnston


Despite the chores
 you say are mine
 I’ll see you at the finish line.


Hamida Rahim Mardhani


Many hurdles on my way
I am sure I will win
at the end of the day.


Linda Mansolf


Men have a one “track” mind
where women can multi-“track”

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