Wisepicks For 18 March

Nîk Jãnę


Not all that ‘bow’ to you,
‘respect’ you.


Shubha Vasan


The one who bows first
cuts the ego.


Äñîtå Sãhóø


Humility is the best
ornament you can wear,
that can cut through
the loftiness
of the most arrogant.


Shilpika Bagh


Beware of
that “bow” in flatter;
may “rip” away
from you that matters.


Mary Kirkpatrick


My attitude is
on the cutting edge,
as my faux loyalty,
I deem to pledge.


Yashay’s Megan


Don’t allow the world,
and the people in it
to shred you.
Stay solid.


Belinda Stott


Cutting someone down
does not make you
look better.


Yukii Limbuu


Sometimes your enemies
seems to be
more near to you
than you know.


Kyle Reed


Fake integrity,
the untruthful blade,
the smiling assassin.
Keep your friends close,
your enemies closer.


Jackie De Klerk


Not everyone
that shows respect,
shows it out of goodwill.
Some only show it
to soften you up enough
for the final
cut of destruction.


Rinku Shah


All those who bow
don’t matter.
Beware of the flatterer.
He will cut right through,
bending before you!


Vero Jiménez


Those who
are the most loyal
are also the ones
that can tear you in two.


Asmiya S


Your over dominance
will make
the people’s obedience
into cruel weapons.


ሰላም ለኩሉ


A traitor’s bow
was not out of respect
It was the sign of neglect,
depth of the hurt;
a mischievous cut.


Devendra Chettri .


He who butters
makes the deepest cut.


Stan Nowicki


Hurtful words cut deep
and leave us scarred.


Felicia Holmes


All too often
we are destroyed
by those we felt
we needed
no protection from.


Tanu Malhotra


Some bow in respect,
and a few,
like the bulls,
bend only to pierce and tear.


Pooja Chauhan


Be careful of those
who claim to respect you
but are only around
for personal gain
at your expense.


Arshita Garg


Beware of
all the faux bows
because some people will
bow to you
just to tear you apart.


Sulekha Pande


Sycophantic behavior
almost always
ends in treachery.


Maria Salud


the closest person,
the one who
respects you most ,
is the same person
who hurts you the most.


Sherry Ensley


Jealous & Envious people
are closer to you
than you think.


Jeni Russell


The thoughts of others
could slice you deep,
before you could
even see it in them.


Dillon Gross


When the accolades
and bows
leaves you feeling
split in two;
was it truly an honor
that they bestowed
upon you?


Mary Kirkpatrick


My attitude is
on the cutting edge,
As my faux loyalty,
I deem to pledge.


David Trousdale


False modesty
can be deadly.

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