Wisepicks For 17 October

Wisepicks For 17 October

Karl Edwards


Which hand
controls the pen.


Nirekshitha Kunder


And the God on Earth
has shifted loyalties!
Overwhelmed by greed
he ignores casualties.


Anubha Sharma


What a pity,
a bribed pen
decides my destiny.


Sherry Greene


The doctor allows drug companies
To take the upper hands
Learn how to empower yourself
And get a doc who understands.




When the investment
is for money.
How can the priority
be our health, honey?
Who can we really blame?
The world has changed
and will never be the same.


Jackie De Klerk


Jump on the train of wealth
while dealing with health.
Medication might make you better,
But be careful of that letter.


Rinku Shah


You scratch my back
I scratch yours
While the patient endures!


Debra Pry


When the prescription
makes you ill,
Wait till you get the bill.


Sulekha Pande


Manipulated medications,
are the curse of humanity.

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