Wisepicks For 17 February

Shilpika Bagh


Alone I carry it
in my womb;
together we care for it
 in our thoughts.


Susan Fair Arakelian


One carries,
two feel the love
and three create a wonderful family


Sherilyn Campbell


Parenting is a collaboration.
 The mother carries the baby in her womb
but both parents will carry that child
in their thoughts forever.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Once our creation is conceived,
It must be nurtured before received.


Carol Downey Dawson


A baby in the womb
should always be a blessing
 in the minds of those
 who conceived it.


Marilyn M Caesar


Together we’ve created one mind
that will soon be a visible extension
of both our thoughts,
mind, body, spirit
and soul


Sulekha Pande


The mother carries
the child in her womb,
the father nurtures the child
 in his mind.


Felicia Holmes


When a baby is born,
it is not the only one beginning
a new life.


Mihai Serghei


How we started to forget
about one another.

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