Wisepicks For 16 October

Karoline Horslev Jensen


Depression has 
many faces


Wisepicks For 16 October


I am true in my facade.
I am true in all my shade.
But slowly I see myself 
fade away.
Left with only masks 
at the end of the day.


Debbie Leibold 


What mask 
shall I wear today 
to cover the scars 
on my soul?  


Arzan J Ghadially


Many appearance 
of fake people.


Roma Manglani


So many emotions, 
yet nothing shows correctly 
how I truly feel.


Jeff Taylor 


She couldn’t face the day 
without putting on 
her face.  


Cathy Lovas


Reflecting on my 
power of choice 
to be the real “Me”.


Shubha Vasan 


Eenie meenie minie moh,
That’s the face 
I wanna show.  


Carol Paton-Maurice


The faces you see of me 
are not me
They are the perceptions 
people have of me
I shall show you 
what you need to see 


Debra Pry


The face you see,
May or may not be.
But when the mask comes off,
It’s me that I see.
When reality is true,
The only person 
you have to live with is you.  


Theo Potgieter 


All the world’s a stage, 
and all the men and women 
merely players: 
they have their exits 
and their entrances; 
and one man in his time
plays many parts


Sue Sharp 


Don’t be fooled by me 
For I wear a mask 
I wear a thousand masks 
And none of them are me. 




Most of us don’t 
live and die, 
most us just act and go.


Aida Montanez


Choose wisely the face 
you show the world  0


Jackie De Klerk 


Life is so much more difficult 
when you struggle 
to express your emotions 


Walter Iwobi


Which ‘persona’ 
are you wearing today?


Asmiya S


Who is true?
The masks or you.


Ans Van den Dorpel


You only see 
what I show you

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