Wisepicks For 16 January

Fragile Rosagaran Macul


More than medicine, 
Words and sympathy 
helps a patient heal.


Asmiya S


Physical closeness 
are not necessary 
when our thoughts are 
in harmony.


Amy Jenkins 


Seek conversations 
with connection


Sherry Greene


Physician, physician, 
please heal my fear.
It’s comfort and confidence
I want to hear. 


Mai Quesada


A doctor’s positive disposition 
is crucial to alleviate 
uncontrollable anxieties 
and restiveness in his patients.


Mary Kirkpatrick 


Words we don’t want to hear,
Cause us anxiety and fear.
Comforting words, 
a glimmer of hope,
Gives us the will 
and a way to cope. 


Sonam Kataria


In order to heal, 
you must hold onto 
your thoughts.


Shilpika Bagh 


Healing through 
mindful interactions.


Harsha Khanchandani


Choose a doctor 
who heals not just bodily pain
But helps you deal with your 
doubts, stigma and shame.


Madhu Suthari 


Physically distanced 
 thoughtfully protected 


Sheila Cotterall


Patient confidentiality 
securely upheld!

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