Wisepicks For 16 February

Carol Downey Dawson

A cat is the purrrrrrfect way
to heal your pain.


Aleczandra Topacio


Sometimes when in pain
the only pain killer
you will ever need
is a furry friend


Rinku Shah


Your presence is healing,
You know exactly how I’m feeling.
The love of a pet is unconditional,
Its support and warmth medicinal!


Helen Quinlivan


When I feel low
My fur baby
will comfort me so,
And soothe away
My aches and pains
And bring a smile to
My face again.


Annette Boyle


Animals have a healing power
that can only be experienced


Debra Pry


The unconditional love of Animals,
Is the most purest form of love.


Rinku Shah


When the world
has been abusive,
The love of a pet
can be therapeutic!


Ashish Verma


Mere touch of an animal
soothes the soul,
comforts the heart
and keep emotions at control.


Shilpika Bagh


As I hold my furry pet close;
whisks away the blues I hold.


Shilpika Bagh


The affectionate strokes;
tames the pain you hold.

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