Wisepicks For 16 December

Asmiya S


It takes more courage 
to live in a world 
where every part of you 
is being judged.


Anjana Surendran


Age old perceptions 
damned upon a vulnerable soul 
wanting to be released 
from the clutches of norms




See not the parts but whole.
And see not my body, 
but my soul.


Rinku Shah


Criticism or Appreciation?
Can’t alter my determination.
Turning my back
To gossip is a knack.
Your words don’t shape me,
I am free! 


Vibhavari Bhushan


I am, what I am. 
I don’t care about, who are sham
In the name of gender equality, 
Treating women as commodity.


Sabiha Nikhat


Working in the Chambers,
not easy for a woman 
to achieve such heights,
Do not comment on her flights,
You know nothing about her frights. 


Mai Quesada


You may only know a part of me
but that does not constitute 
my whole identity!
Definitely, your opinion does not defined. .
who I really am, the totality of me!
Then, do I need to dignify it!  


Sheila Cotterall


She was the master of her screen,
Erasing the grey with a regular clean. 
Comments, remarks 
and personal slights, 
Won’t keep this girl up at nights.
Her light stays vibrant, her colours true;
So be aware your intention, 
For she’ll see right through!


Dazzling Smile


You are not the opinion of others
Keep going on your way 
of achieving your goals


Jackie De Klerk


Comment on this, criticize that,
‘she’s too thin, she’s too fat.’
Breaking people little by little,
after all we are ever so brittle.

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